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The documentation Sinai takes you on a journey to the tourist attractions of the Sinai Peninsula.


The documentation Sinai takes you on a journey to the tourist attractions of the Sinai Peninsula.

The journey begins in Naama Bay, near Sharm el Sheikh in the south of the peninsula. Naama Bay is the most important tourist region of southern Sinai, which has both day and evening something to offer. Because of the atmosphere, especially at night and the many hotels, bars, nightclubs and casinos Naama Bay is also often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Sinai. After Naama Bay, the journey continues to Nabq Bay further north at the junction of the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. In the Nabq Bay is a very wide coral reef, just across jetties you can reach the outer reef. The longest jetty has a length of 600 meters. A similar attraction is the Blue Hole, not because of the width of the reef, but because of the depth. At a collapsed ceiling of the coral reef, divers may reach a depth of about 70 meters, but this is not entirely harmless.

We not only visit the sea but also the inner of the country. You can take part to a trip to the Firan oasis, the largest oasis in Sinai, where you meet the traditional life of the desert inhabitants. Another highlight is a trip to the Nabq protected area. Here is the northernmost mangrove forest in the world. The clear air allows a view from here up to Saudi Arabia. The trip continues to the Coloured Canyon with a side trip to the port of Nuweiba. The Coloured Canyon was ages ago once under water, so that in the different colored stones today you can see imprints of corals. Come on an adventurous tour through the canyon.

Without a doubt, definitely one of the highlights is the sunrise on Mt. Sinai and the subsequent visit of Saint Catherine’s Monastery. Hundreds of spectators from around the world enjoy night after night this unique natural spectacle. The red glowing mountains under the cloudless blue sky are simply an overwhelming sight. In addition, Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of the mountain is a pilgrimage for many believers. A visit to the monastery takes you on millennium-old history. St. Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest inhabited monastery in the world.

At the end of the journey you visit the oldest protected area in Egypt, Ras Muhammad on the southern tip of Sinai. This nature reserve in the Red Sea has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Ras Muhammad is a must for all divers and snorkelers. Discover on a tour this unique underwater world. Above and under water the tour still continues to the Tiran Island, which belongs to Saudi Arabia but is leased to Egypt. The last stop is in Ras Um El Sid next to Ras Muhammad.

There’s no narration, but beautiful scenery set to music and original sound. The DVD has subtitles in English and German language with explanations of the destinations.

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Director(s): Steffen Welsch

Format: Dolby Digital, PAL, Widescreen

Languages: English, German (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Region: Region 0 (All Regions)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Number of Discs: 1

Classification: Exempt

Studio: Sun Travels

Release Date: 21 Sep 2014

Run Time: 102 minutes

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